David Rockefeller Dies at 101

david rockefeller

David Rockefeller | License

David Rockefeller dies on March 20, 2017, at the age of 101.

One of the most iconic members of an infamous American family, David Rockefeller’s name was synonymous with business, like his grandfather, John D. Rockefeller from whom he inherited most of his wealth.

David Rockefeller was an amazing business man; he lived a full life and made it a mission to apply his wealth to where it would benefit the American people and the population of the world. Part of those contributions came in the form of donations and the support of environmental programs and research that benefit the Earth and the outdoor sport community.

The goal of the fund’s environmental program is to “address issues related to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change in order to promote a healthier, more sustainable planet.”

Of particular interest to Rockefeller was the Appalachia. He is noted for giving to Appalachian Voices on various years, the most recent in the amount of $35,000. Also in his portfolio were donations to the Mountain Association for Community Development, or MACED, in the amount of $35,000 in 2015. MACED advocates for Central Appalachian residents and the region’s natural resources.

The David Rockefeller Fund has been transparent in their contributions to environmental causes which include Green initiatives and conservation. Their website lists the following contributions as part of their efforts to leave a positive footprint on the Earth:

2016 Environmental Grantees

Citizens’ Climate Education Coronado, CA $25,000
Climate Parents Oakland, CA $40,000
Environmental and Energy Study Institute Washington, DC $25,000
Environmental Grantmakers Association New York, NY $4,000
Fund for Constitutional Government (for Peace & Security Funders Group) Washington, DC $3,350
Institute on Science for Global Policy Tucson, AZ $40,000
International Documentary Association (for PF Pictures) Los Angeles, CA $17,650
Protect Our Winters Boulder, CO $30,000
Sustainable Markets Foundation (for Center for Climate & Security) New York, NY $150,000 over 3 years
Truman Center for National Policy Washington, DC $50,000

2015 Environmental Grantees

Appalachian Voices Charlottesville, Va $35,000
Catholic Climate Covenant Washington, DC $35,000
Center for Climate & Security Washington, DC $25,300
Climate & Energy Funders Group San Francisco, CA $45,000
Environmental Grantmakers Association New York, NY $3,700
Green Guerrillas New York, NY $13,000
Kentucky Coalition London, KY $35,000
MACED Berea, KY $35,000
NYCEEC New York, NY $50,000
Transition US Sebastopol, CA $13,000
Truman Center for National Policy Washington, DC $25,000
West Virginia Free Charleston, WV $35,000

David Rockefeller’s mark on the world will be remembered for generations to come; the contributions he’s made has helped preserve nature and fund the research needed to leave the Earth in a habitable condition for our future generations.



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