Send Us Your Expedition Dispatches

Send us your expedition dispatches

Are you on an expedition? Do you want a wider audience to know how your expedition is going? Send us your Dispatches!

Our Dispatch program is designed to offer your fans and our readership a glimpse inside the excitement of your expedition’s progress. Base Camp Magazine publishes both ongoing and single Dispatches for expeditions.

Dispatches FAQ

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ.

How much does it cost?

The Dispatches Program is free. The only thing we ask is that you share the published Dispatches through your social media feeds. If you’re feeling up to it, like and follow us on social media as well.

Who can send in Dispatches?

Anyone can send in their Dispatches. We publish Dispatches for large and small, commercial and private expeditions.

What are ongoing Dispatches?

Ongoing Dispatches are updates from your expedition that cover from the beginning of your departure to the final outcome. Ongoing Dispatches are published in a series of up to 7-10 Dispatches for long expeditions and 3-5 Dispatches for shorter expeditions.

What expeditions qualify for Dispatches?

Generally, we publish Dispatches for mountaineering, antarctic, frozen lake crossings, thru-hiking and similar expeditions.

Single Dispatches are perfect for day-climbs, short alpinism trips, day-bouldering and other short adventures.

Here’s an example long Dispatch thread we published for Fredrik Sträng’s K2 2017 Expedition. If you’re ready to start sending in your Dispatches, contact us today or email us at: Dispatches (at) base camp magazine (dot) com.

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