Sunday Stories to Catch Up On

Every Sunday, we’ll send off a list of stories and articles from Base Camp Magazine for you to catch up on while you have brunch, relax on the couch or just take a break. Here are your Sunday Stories for today.

How to Cope With Missing Climbing During COVID-19

How to Cope with Missing Climbing During COVID-19

Knowing how to cope with missing climbing during COVID-19, can both get you ready for future adventures and keep you sane. Consider also supporting your local gym during this time.

Make Your Hike More Interesting With Metal Detecting

Make hiking more interesting with Metal Detecting

If you’re like many people right now, going hiking is your source of freedom and liberty from self-isolation. Combining your hike with metal detecting could offer you some extra excitement and you may find a thing or two.

General Hiking Safety Tips for Everyone

hiking safety tips for everyone by base camp magazine

These general hiking safety tips will help hikers travel safely and be able to enjoy the sights more efficiently. This article covers how to plan your trip and what to bring.

Wendy Ong Shares How She Overcame Her Spinal Cord Injury and Climbed On

Wendy Ong on el cap

We had to bail on El Cap because of a storm, but the result was that I was able to climb with one of my rescuers from the day of my accident.

In this throwback story, Wendy Ong tells us about surviving her SCI after a climbing fall.

Still clipped in direct to the anchors, I tested and tested the rope, leaning back repeatedly and feeling the rope tauten between us. But the rope didn’t join us; for reasons that still escape me, Bob had decided to untie from his end of the rope. Certain that Bob had me, I unclipped from the anchors, leaned back – and then free-fell nearly 200 feet to the ground. I didn’t hit anything else on the way down.”

The World is Amazing, Be Amazing

The world is an amazing place and you should try to experience as much of it as you can while you’re alive. In honor of this, we made a short video. Watch below. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to Base Camp Magazine.

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