Sponsor BCM

At Base Camp Magazine we welcome sponsors and take a very specific aim at highlighting the sponsors of the athletes we feature. We understand that sponsors make up a significant part of an athlete’s achievement goals by providing equipment and funds to complete lifelong dreams.

If you’d like to be a sponsor to Base Camp Magazine, we have different options.

Be a Tier Sponsor

A general sponsor is one who builds a lasting relationship with us and receives free advertisement, product mentions and “About Sections” on the site in exchange for monthly or yearly sponsorship donations to the site. Email us for more information on tier sponsorship.

Monthly Sponsorship of $400, $500, $700

Yearly Sponsorship of $2300, $4600, $5600, 7600

Monthly Sponsorship above $700 and yearly sponsorship above $7600 are welcome and sponsors receive special mentions, tweets and posts about their products and/or service regularly.

Tier Sponsors also get a sidebar block reservation with a logo/image and a link to their site depending on their tier. For specific information, contact us at sponsor@basecampmagazine.com

Sponsor an Article

You can opt to sponsor an article on the site at $42.00. This will cover the cost of one article, which will include your company or brand at the bottom of the article under the “Sponsored by” section with an “About” section. We’ll include a short bio or mission statement of your choice and a logo/photo with a link to your website. You can sponsor as many articles as you like at any time. The next article in the queue will be designated as the sponsored article.

Sponsor a Week’s Worth of Publishing

If you’d like to sponsor a week’s worth of publishing, we’ll place a “Sponsored By” block on the right side of our site with your details and a link to your site. Email us for details on sponsoring a week’s worth of publication.

For specific information, contact us at sponsor@basecampmagazine.com .