Hi, you’ve come to the right place if you want to connect with us, we are pretty open to all communication as follows:

Share your Adventure Photography

Do you have photos you’d like to share with us, we’ll give you recognition for your expedition/adventure photos, and a place for them to be viewed in posts. We usually accept 1-5 pictures per expedition*.

Share your Adventure Story

Mountaineering and outdoor sports are anything but boring, there’s a story to be told at every corner. If you have an interesting story about an expedition, experience, a tragic event or even a funny tale, email us. We’ll get with you to create an exceptional feature. If you’re a notable mountaineer, climber, hiker….. we even do exceptional profiles on notable people. Share your story with the world.


Do you have a mountaineering or outdoor adventure product, service, or content you’d like to share? We offer competitive advertisement opportunities on the site via featured articles and sidebar images. As long as we feel the object being advertised is fair, useful to our readers and of quality, we’ll be interested in discussing options that are easy and simple. Also, see our Promote Page.

Dispatches & Communication

Are you on an expedition, or will you be going on an expedition, and would like to participate in our dispatches program? “Dispatches” are where we publish the latest updates about expeditions around the world that come right from the team’s hands. Contact us with your dispatch to let everyone know how your expedition is going.

We know that while on the mountain, getting multiple emails out is quite difficult. A dispatch is an easy way to let people know how your expedition is going on a live site you don’t have to manage every day. We accept dispatches for large and small expeditions.

Share your adventure today! Contact us at

Death Notices

If you’d like us to publish a death notice or an obituary, contact us at We publish death notices whenever we are informed of one. You can submit one for your loved one, friend, or teammate via the email provided.

Social Media

Connect with us on social media.



Connect with us on Twitter @BaseCampMag.


*A signed consent form is required in order for us to accept any photographs. The consent form gives us expressed permission to display and use the images in posts on our site as long as we reference you with credit.


5 responses to “Contact

    • Thank you Richard. Here is quite fine. Did the form give you issues? If so, let us know and we will take a look at it. But you can feel free to share with us anywhere on the site. We are looking forward to reading and sharing these!

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    • @RWANERMAN Richard, do you mind if we share these on BCM? If not, we were thinking of publishing the first half, and at the bottom, provide a link to your post that reads, “Continue reading on Richard’s Notes” Does that sound ok to you?


      • C.J. Sure, publish the first half of what you like on one with a link to my site and let’s see how it looks and works. If it works well for both of us you can do more. Okay?


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