Downloadable Essential Mountaineering Gear List

An essential mountaineering gear list is the first thing every mountaineer/climber should have before starting their journey.

A gear list also comes in handy for professional climbers starting from scratch after an emergency evac that holds their gear hostage on the mountain, or any number of reasons. Either way, here’s a downloadable Essential Mountaineering Gear List for you to keep.

Initially, we made this list only available to our Patrons on Patreon. Today, we’re making it available to everyone. Attached is our branded printable PDF of essential mountaineering gear you need to have in order to start a successful mountaineering career or hobby.

Of course, your list will grow as your experience does. But this list is for the essential items you cannot go without. We’ve also included lists of places you can get climbing gear on a budget and through a variety of methods.

Download it. Print it. Laminate it. Take it with you shopping, on-the-go or save it to your desktop/phone. But keep it with you as part of your essential texts.

Download the Essential Mountaineering Gear List

Below is a visual look at our printable essential mountaineering gear list. In order for links in the document to work properly, download the color PDF here or the ink-conservative, B/W version here. Or click on the images below to open the PDFs in a new tab.

Downloadable Essential Mountaineering Gear List ColorDownloadable Essential Mountaineering Gear List B/W








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