American Doctor Dies in Death Zone During Everest2017

Dr. Roland Yearwood, 50, from Alabama died on 21, May within the Death Zone of Everest during the 2017 season.

At this time, it is unknown whether or not Yearwood summitted the mountain successfully; authorities have not yet confirmed if Yearwood was on his way up to the summit or approaching his descent when he was found at 27,500 ft. (8,382 m.).

In 2015, Yearwood was one of the lucky survivors of the 2015 Everest Earthquake that sparked an Avalanche which killed 18 people, most of which were Sherpas. That year, the Everest season was cancelled and no one summited Everest.

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Yearwood climbed this year on an expedition sponsored by Everest Parivas and led by American climber Dan Mazur. He was part of a 16-member team. 

Yearwood leaves behind a wife and two daughters. 

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