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Base Camp Magazine recently joined Patreon where we’re creating an exclusive community for individual donors and patrons to Base Camp Magazine. If you like this site’s content, read on below and consider donating.

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If you’re here and reading this, thank you. But you probably want to know more about what we’re currently doing and why we’re on Patreon asking for your help doing it. As you know, Base Camp Magazine is an online mountaineering and expedition publication, but we cover more than just that.

We’ve made a place for climbing and adventure enthusiasts to learn more about mountaineering history, keep up on current expeditions around the world and get recognition and exposure for their feats.

The most important people to us are those who come to our site to see what’s new and those who make it possible for there to be new things to see (you). Unlike other pubs, we like to make it easier for readers to directly contact us, for anything. We’re always open to new pitches, communication, ideas and more. We also like to keep our readers involved in what we do by inviting them to take part in our yearly gear recommendation articles.

Base Camp Magazine is simply a publication for a climbing community. Within, climbers get exposure, expeditions get coverage, brands can meet consumers and sponsors can learn more about their next venture.

We’re on Patreon to ask you to help us keep making this possible. As Base Camp Magazine grows, it requires more time and energy to maintain. We need more hands and tools to bring you what you want to see and read. Patreon will be our exclusive patron community, designed for you to have direct access to our creative process and communication with us.

If you think we’re doing something great, consider becoming a patron today. Tiers start at just $1.50 and members get perks and exclusive access to our content on Patreon. Select tiers also get recognition for their contributions and free advertising.

Patrons can vote on upcoming content, pitch expedition coverage requests directly to the editorial team and, in the future, long-term patron benefits may include more freebies and gifts. Patrons also receive exclusive insider newsletters about what we’re currently planning and more. Come join us.

-The BCM Team

Become a patron to base camp magazine on Patreon

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