K2 Mountaineering Documentaries You Can Watch on YouTube

Finding mountaineering documentaries and movies is a hassle because no streaming or on-demand service seems to be able to carry more than one or two at a time. Thankfully, YouTube is an entire resource for some of the best K2 docs out there – now, whether or not it’s legal, is “unknown.” These are some of the best ones we’ve found.

K2: The World’s Most Dangerous Mountain


One of the climbers who’s friend died in his arms.

Covering the terrain and sheer power of the world’s second highest mountain, this documentary takes us through how an expedition on K2 begins with the hiring of porters right through to the unveiling of the “King of Mountains.” The film follows legendary mountaineer Hans Kammerlander from South Tyrol, Italy on one of his expeditions on K2.The expedition had fatal consequences.

Mountain Men: The Ghosts of K2


This BBC documentary covers the history of K2’s most devastating expeditions and its most successful. It features footage of the first man to ascend the mountain, Achille Compagnoni, and others. The film features a plethora of original historical footage of some of the most memorable expeditions.

K2: The Killer Summit


In August of 2008, several international expeditions made an assault on K2, by the end of the expedition’s run, 11 climbers had been killed and the survivors were met with controversy over contradicting reports on what actually occurred on the mountain. This documentary covers the events of the 2008 K2 Disaster, the mountains most tragic event to date. If you have a Netflix subscription, you can also watch the film “The Summit” which covers the story in greater detail, it is also available on YouTube.

K2: The Savage Mountain


Chris Bonington on the 1978 K2 Expedition

This one is one of our favorites, and it covers the 1978 British K2 West Ridge Expedition led by  Christ Bonington, which, might we add, missed his calling as a program host/narrator. The mountaineer takes us through the expedition’s attempt to summit K2 which ended in tragedy when one of the expedition members was killed in an avalanche. In between sequences, Bonnington can be seen quite at home in front of the camera telling viewers about some of K2’s history and filling us in on the expedition.

Fatal Altitude: Tragedy on K2


A National Geographic Film

This documentary also covers the 2008 K2 Tragedy that left 11 climbers dead that August. The documentary covers the series of events that occurred from the Friday of the ascent to the Saturday of the descent, which left many with questions about how the events actually transpired. Although we’d like to think we know what happened, each time you watch a documentary or read an article about this particular event, you learn new information that directly contradicts other accounts, part of what makes this story so intriguing.

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