July 2017 Features on Base Camp Magazine

Base Camp Magazine is kicking off July with new article features and stories. As we close out our June Calendar, here’s a sneak peek into what’s coming up in July.

Review of FIREPOT by Outdoorfood

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 11.05.17 PM

When out on excursions or expeditions, what is the most important thing to plan next to gear? Food, yes, that should always be #2 on your lists. When we heard about FIREPOT by Outdoorfood dehydrated meals all we saw were climbers, hikers and mountaineers giving this brand of outdoor food rave review, which got us interested.

After speaking with FIREPOT and getting to know more about the brand, the flavors and what others had to say, we are excited to be trying and reviewing FIREPOT by Outdoorfood and providing our readers with an honest review – we’re going to put it to the test and see if what everyone is saying is accurate. Stay tuned for our FIREPOT feature.

About FIREPOT by Outdoorfood

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 4.52.11 PMFIREPOT by Outdoorfood has been three years in the making. A team of adventurers came together to create a different kind of dehydrated meal brand, one that had all the flavors and textures of home-cooked meals. FIREPOT dehydrated meals offer hearty selections that won’t weigh you down while on expedition. Just add water! Learn more about FIREPOT by Outdoorfood here.

Climber Profile of Wendy Ong

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 11.15.31 PMWendy Ong came into our radar a few months ago; she has quite a unique story of survival and determination to tell that breathes inspiration into anyone living with a disability who thinks their climbing days are over.

This summer we will be featuring Wendy Ong on Base Camp Magazine; in her own words, she’ll talk about what it’s like to survive a spinal cord injury and not give up on her dream. We’ll learn more about Ong and what projects she has in her sights for the future. For more on Wendy Ong visit Wendyong.org

Continued Coverage of Fredrik Sträng’s K2 2017 Expedition

In July, we will continue to cover Swedish climber Fredrik Sträng’s 2017 K2 Expedition all the way up to the end of the month when (hopefully) the team will have made a successful assault on the summit. Sträng’s planned Summit Bid Day is 30, July 2017.

You can follow along by reading all of the Dispatches we publish on the expedition from our communications with Fredrik Sträng as he progresses in his journey back to K2 after nearly 10 years. Whether the climber experiences a success or a turnaround, we are hoping to speak to him after his expedition to go over what this expedition meant to him and what his future plans are.

About Fredrik Sträng

fredrik strang and swedish flag

Fredrik Sträng proud of the Swedish flag (Facebook)

Fredrik Sträng is a Swedish climber, personal trainer and motivational speaker. Sträng has summited 8 of the world’s 8,000 m. peaks, and in 2017, Sträng will be attempting K2 again. He has worked with charitable organizations through the years to help those in need and has been given various awards including Male Adventurer of the Year twice in 2007 and 2010. Sträng is partnered with Sigma Technology. To learn more about Sträng, read “Get to Know Climber Fredrik Sträng.”

Fredrik Sträng Facebook Page, Fredrik Sträng Webpage, and LinkedIn.

Follow our dispatches of Fredrik Sträng’s K2017 Expedition here.

We Discuss 6 Mountaineering Books About Tragedies Over the Years

In honor of the K2 2017 climbing season, we will be presenting and discussing 6 mountaineering books that tell the story of tragic events that have occurred on the mountain and around the world. Four of our selections cover the 1939 K2 Expedition, 1953 K2 Expedition, 1986 K2 Expedition and the tragic 2008 K2 Expedition. We are reviewing:

1. No Way Down: Life and Death on K2

No Way Down by Graham Bowley recounts the events of the 2008 K2 Tragedy that saw 11 climbers lose their lives on 01, August – Summit Day, a day that started out clear and ended in a series of avalanches that trapped climbers above the Death Zone.

2. Denali’s Howl: The Deadliest Climbing Disaster on America’s Wildest Peak

Denali’s Howl, written by Andy Hall, recounts the 1967 Denali Expedition that is regarded as the worst mountaineering disaster in North American history after 12 climbers headed for Denali and were engulfed by a massive storm that killed 7.

3. K2: Triumph And Tragedy

Jim Curran’s K2: Triumph and Tragedy covers the doomed 1986 K2 Expedition in which 13/27 high-altitude climbers were killed on the infamous King of Mountains, 7 of which died on the descent.

4. Touching the Void: The True Story of One Man’s Miraculous Survival

Joe Simpson recounts his miraculous story of survival in Touching the Void. Simpson suffered an accident in the Andes Mountain Range that resulted in his climbing partner having to cut him off of the rope he was hanging to life from. Simpson fell into a crevasse where he remained for days with a broken leg before he found his way out.

5. K2: The Savage Mountain: The Classic True Story Of Disaster And Survival On the World’s Second Highest Mountain

In this book by Charles Houston and Robert Bates, the story of the dramatic 1953 American K2 Expedition, led by Charles S. Houston, is brought to life. When a combination of terrible storms and illness stopped the team short of the 28,251-foot summit, on the descent, tragedy struck and how the climbers made it back to safety is renowned in the annals of climbing and cemented climber Art Gilkey into history.

6. K2: The 1939 Tragedy

K2: The 1939 Tragedy unravels the complex tangle of events and personalities that led to four deaths on the 1939 American Expedition to K2. With the aid of a recently available trip diary, this book challenges the conventionally accepted version of the story.

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