Coming Up: Wendy Ong on Surviving a SCI and Climbing

Coming up, we have a well-awaited article by Wendy Ong, a strong, confident female rock climber who suffered a Spinal Cord Injury and went on to still ice and rock climb and ski difficult routes. Wendy Ong’s tale of survival will fill you with inspiration for moving forward and breathe new life into the world of possibilities for SCI survivors.

UPDATE: Read the article here.

The editor of BCM says:

Wendy Ong is an inspiration to many out there who suffer a SCI and think their lives are over. When I first found her, I thought she was one of the strongest women I have ever encountered. I like her style, I love her drive for life. My personal motto is “I am an advocate for a life well lived.” Wendy Ong is definitely an example of this. I can’t wait for our audience to meet her and learn more about this incredible person. -Cass Légér

Stay tuned for this incredible story of tenacious success.

About Wendy Ong

Belaying close upWendy Ong is the only person to have fallen nearly 200 feet (70m), survive, go on to rock climb, ice-climb, and ski at high levels with a T-10 Spinal Cord Injury; survive sepsis and climb her hardest trad route as a paraplegic (5.12- Cloud Tower, Red Rocks, Nevada) a few months later; ski her way across North America; and be the only para to ski, ice-climb, and rock climb in the space of less than ten days. Her schooling at Stanford, Yosemite, and mountains all over serve her well as she continues to pursue her outdoor passions around the world, manage work and life with a disability, and live a life worth living. You can find her at

She is thankful to have the support of Metolius Climbing.

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