Hiking Essentials to Pack for Semi-Cold Weather

Hiking essentials to pack for semi-cold weather aren’t hard to find. Hiking, unlike mountaineering, requires simple pack gear. But that doesn’t mean you can just go out into the wild unprepared. Here’s a list of essentials to pack for a semi-cold weather day hike.

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Radiate Portable Campfire Review: This is a Must-Have for the Outdoors!

Our team wrote a Radiate Portable Campfire review after testing the product on a winter ridge hike and determined it was a must-have outdoor product for the season. 

We searched around for options and found the Radiate Portable Campfire. We were not disappointed. This review focuses on the interaction the team had with the Radiate Portable Campfire during 29° hiking conditions at elevations between 1,000 ft. (304 meters) and 1500 ft. (457 meters).

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