Second Lieutenant Scott Sears is Going Solo to Antarctica This Fall

Meet Second Lieutenant Scott Sears. Scott is going solo, unsupported and unassisted to the South Pole this November, effectively making him the youngest man to ever reach it unsupported if he succeeds.

Scott is sponsored by Juice Plus, Shackleton and other great brands.

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Antarctica and Cold Environment Expeditions Season Starts on BCM

Now, we’re moving into our Antarctica and Cold-Environment Expedition Season. This is where we feature climbers, explorers and expeditions traveling to Antarctica and other environments that are naturally cold year-round. 

We have a lot planned for this long season that will stretch into the end of winter 2017. Included in our publication calendar is our well-awaited coverage of Second Lieutenant Scott Sears’ solo expedition to the South Pole and a feature on Dr. Ash Routen’s expedition to Lake Baikal in Siberia where he will be leading a team of 3 Brits across one of the world’s most interesting bodies of water. 

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