Antarctica and Cold Environment Expeditions Season Starts on BCM

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Our summer season ended with a bang, with an exciting end to the Fredrik Sträng K2 2017 Expedition that left us reeling. Now, we’re moving into our Antarctica and Cold-Environment Expedition Season. This is where we feature climbers, explorers and expeditions traveling to Antarctica and other environments that are naturally cold year-round.

We have a lot planned for this long season that will stretch into the end of winter 2017. Included in our publication calendar is our well-awaited coverage of Second Lieutenant Scott Sears’ solo expedition to the South Pole and a feature on Dr. Ash Routen’s expedition to Lake Baikal in Siberia where he will be leading a team of 3 Brits across one of the world’s most interesting bodies of water.

We will be building our calendar as we go, and there’s still time to send us your submissions for consideration, feature requests or product inclusion requests. Use the information below to contact us.

Submissions for Our Winter Season

If you’re interested in contacting us with your submissions for consideration for our winter 2017 season, you can contact us using the contact page. Submissions we are accepting for this winter season must adhere to the following criteria:

  • The topic of the features must be about cold-weather expeditions. These are expeditions to locations that are naturally cold year-round, particularly in Antarctica.
  • These features can be about a specific location, a specific expedition, a specific climber or professional adventurer who focuses on expeditions to cold environments.

Product Inclusion/Sponsorship

If you would like for your product to be included in one of our features or if you would like to sponsor one of our features, you can visit our contact page and we’ll reply shortly.

Please keep in mind that the products must be of quality, must adhere to our policies and be of use or interesting to our readership before we can even consider them, and inquiry is not a guarantee of acceptance. Products can include expedition food brands, gear and services.

For advertising opportunities please use the contact page.


If you’d like to have your expedition covered through short Dispatches, drop us a line and see our recent Dispatch coverage of Fredrik Sträng’s 2017 K2 Expedition.


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