Dispatch: Arrival at K2 Base Camp: Apricot Tours K2 Winter 2020

The Apricot Tours K2 Winter 2020 team crosses the Baltoro Glacier and Concordia and arrives at K2 Base Camp.

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In our last Dispatch, the Apricot Tours team left Askole for K2 Base Camp with four dozen porters.

UPDATE: Apricot Tours announced that a helivac was performed, evacuating all 5 members of the expedition. At this time, the expedition is over. 

Arrival at Urdukas

On 17 January, the Apricot Tours team arrived in Camp Urdukas. AT’s local mountaineering guide, Sirbaz, informed headquarters that all members were “doing well and healthy.”

Crossing the Baltoro Glacier, the team encountered terrible snow conditions. On 20 Jan, the team crossed Concordia. The snow conditions produced delays. But, after three days, the team made it into K2 Base Camp.

Arrival at K2 Base Camp

On 22 January, the international Apricot Tours K2 WInter 2020 expedition finally arrived at K2 Base Camp at approximately 2:00 PM local time. The Concordia crossing takes about seven hours under normal conditions, approximately 10 times less than what it eventually took the team to cross it due to the weather.

John Snorri wrote:

“The whole team has finally reached K2 base camp after 9days on the Baltoro glacier. We have been establishing our camp in -27°C. Tomorrow is a resting day..we are all tired after tough days. Friday we will start our first rotation. Up to ABC through the icefall. We need to set a safe rout up.”

The team has set camp at an elevation of 16,285.56 ft (4,963m) at Base Camp (Latitude: 35.831930, Longitude: 76.507930).

What’s Next for the Apricot Tours Team

On 24 Jan, the team began their rotation up to ABC. They transported 220-265 lbs (100-120 kg) of equipment 18,373 ft (5600 m) up the Abruzzi Spur. Fixed lines were placed along the Icefall, but tents were not set up at ABC due to the strong winds expected.

Going forward, the team faces acclimatization and the set-up of all camps along the Abruzzi Spur route.

About the Apricot Tours K2 Winter 2020 Expedition

This year, Apricot Tours is attempting a winter summit of K2 consisting of seven climbers and led by Mingma Gyalje Sherpa of Nepal and John Snorri of Iceland. They will be climbing the Abruzzi Spur Route.

Apricot Tours K2 Winter 2020 Team Members

The team members are:

    • Team Leader Mingma Gyalje Sherpa (Nepal)
    • Tamting Sherpa (Nepal)
    • Pasang Namgel Sherpa (Nepal)
    • Kili Pempa Sherpa (Nepal)
    • Team Leader John Snorri Sigurionsson (Iceland)
    • Gao Li (China)
    • Tomaz Rotar (Slovenia)

You can donate to their possible record-breaking expedition on the GoFundme page organized by Mingma G. Stay tuned to the developments on this expedition using the link below.

Dispatches Apricot Tours K2 Winter 2020.

About Apricot Tours

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