Fredrik Sträng Ends K2 Expedition With Broad Peak Attempt

After a what seemed like a disappointing turn of events on K2, Fredrik Sträng veers course and summits Broad Peak, salvaging some of his K2 2017 expedition.

Fredrik Sträng salvages K2 2017 by Climbing Broad Peak

Last Dispatch #12 Fredrik Sträng K2 2017 | Broad Peak

UPDATE: Fredrik Sträng abandoned his claim on having submitted Broad Peak. According to photo evidence, he came to the conclusion that the peak reached was not the Summit Proper. Sträng now believes he was just a few hundred feet short of the actual summit.

The saga continues, the last Dispatch we had on Fredrik Sträng’s K2 2017 Expedition was a bit somber. We reported on the two unsuccessful summit attempts made by Sträng and his decision to end his expedition on 31 July. He was supposed to head back to Skardu at that time.

It was curious how we didn’t hear from him for more than eight days. It turns out, this Sträng veered course and headed toward Broad Peak (8,047 m.), a mountain he tried to climb in 2012 with his late Lithuanian friend, Ernestas, but was unsuccessful that year.

Together with 9 other climbers, Fredrik summited Broad Peak on 04 August in what was his third summit attempt in 13 days. This epic climb was unexpected and had us all in a frenzied cheer of disbelief when the pictures came through!

Fredrik Strang broad peak expedition

His summit on Broad Peak is his 9th 8,000-meter peak. Like his plans for K2, Fredrik summited Broad Peak with no O2 in the notorious snowfalls Broad Peak is known for. This, including a snowstorm on the summit and covered tracks on the way back down the ridge.

Fredrik Strang in snowstorm broad peak summit 2017

Full snowstorm on the summit of Broad Peak

We, at Base Camp Magazine, congratulate Fredrik on his summit of Broad Peak – one of the most impressive feats we’ve ever had the privilege to witness. We can’t wait to read the full story. This is the kind of athlete sponsors dream of, the kind that finds a way to finish the goal, or in this case, a variant of similar caliber.

Fredrik strang climbs broad peak in 2017

About Fredrik Sträng

Fredrik Sträng proud of the Swedish flag (Facebook) before his K2 2017 expedition.

Fredrik Sträng proud of the Swedish flag (Facebook)

Fredrik Sträng is a Swedish climber, personal trainer and motivational speaker. Sträng has summited 8 of the world’s 8,000 m. peaks, and in 2017, Sträng attempted K2 again, was unsuccessful, but salvaged the expedition by climbing Broad Peak, a mountain he had previously tried to climb in 2012. He has worked with charitable organizations through the years to help those in need. And he has been given various awards including Male Adventurer of the Year twice in 2007 and 2010. Sträng is partnered with Sigma Technology. To learn more about Sträng, read “Get to Know Climber Fredrik Sträng.”

Fredrik Sträng Facebook PageFredrik Sträng Webpage, and LinkedIn.

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