Fredrik Sträng Heads Out for K2 2017

Mountaineer Fredrik Sträng heads out to K2 on 12 June 2017, after nearly ten years of absence from the mountain since the 2008 K2 Disaster that killed 11 mountaineers.

On 3 June, Sträng was ready, packing his gear for his K2 expedition and gave everyone a glimpse of 60% of his gear, which he laid out and gave a tour of. His gear included the Swedish flag, two Petzl Quark ice axes, Olympus Mons La Sportiva high-altitude boots, a Primus Lite XL stove and Out Meals dehydrated ready-to-eat meals.

Among his gear, his favorites include his Olympus Mons boots, which he has used for at least 12 different 8,000 m. expeditions. Primus pots have also been his favorite stove selection since he started climbing in 1999.

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For this expedition, Fredrik plans to try a different sleeping method. Instead of carrying two heavy sleeping bags, he plans on sleeping in his Marmot 8,000 m. insulated down suit inside of his down sleeping bag.

Watch Fredrik Sträng Give a Tour of His Gear for K22017

Sträng had his gear shipped to Islamabad on 04 June.

Fredrik Sträng’s K2 2017 Climbing Plan

When we last spoke to Sträng his climbing plan was ambitious. He aimed to take the Abruzzi Spur route to the top and attempt the climb with no oxygen, which he planned to do “quick, very quick.”

Sträng is BCM’s Editor’s Watch Pick for K22017, which is a designation given to climbers, teams or expedition companies who show promise in the coming climbing season for each mountain we cover. When talking to the editor about the upcoming expectations for K22017 in our recent Editor’s Note, here’s what was said:

“We’re pretty confident he’s going to make it. He’s a smart, strong climber. Even if he doesn’t reach the top, I’m sure he’ll make it back in one piece. Sträng isn’t known for making rush or irresponsible decisions on the mount. Still, it’s K2, which is unpredictable, but my money is still on Sträng.”

In a recent video, Sträng stated that part of his preparation for K2 includes yoga and meditation along with testing and knowing his gear.

Watch Fredrik Sträng’s Pre-Expedition Video Update for K2017

About Fredrik Sträng

fredrik strang and swedish flag

Fredrik Sträng proud of the Swedish flag (Facebook)

Fredrik Sträng is a Swedish climber, personal trainer and motivational speaker. Sträng has summited 8 of the world’s 8,000 m. peaks, and in 2017, Sträng will be attempting K2 again. He has worked with charitable organizations through the years to help those in need, and he has been given various awards including Male Adventurer of the Year twice in 2007 and 2010. Sträng is partnered with Sigma Technology. To learn more about Sträng, read “Get to Know Climber Fredrik Sträng.”

Fredrik Sträng Facebook Page, Fredrik Sträng Webpage, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Follow our Dispatches of Fredrik Sträng’s K2017 Expedition here.

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    • Hi Pram, that would be nice, in the meantime, though, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel or visit Strang.Se or visit the Facebook page we linked above to see more videos of Fredrik Sträng. You can also watch the movie “The Summit” starring Fredrik Sträng, or you can watch some of the various documentaries starring Fredrik Sträng where he details his experience on K2 in 2008, including the National Geographic documentary, Fatal Altitude.


  1. Thanks. I actually just watched some videos of this guy on a show called Malou or Maloo, where he was talking to this older lady. But it was in Swedish. His story is interesting. I’m looking forward to reading more about his trip to K2.


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