Dispatch: Apricot Tours K2 Winter 2020: From Islamabad to Skardu

The Apricot Tours K2 Winter 2020 team arrives in Skardu and is joined by team leader Mingma G. They brief with Liaison Officers and enjoy a K2 cake gifted by other mountaineers.

Apricot Tours k2 winter 2020 team gathering

Team gathering with mountaineering community: Credit: Apricot Tours.

In our last Dispatch, the Apricot Tours K2 Winter 2020 team had reached Skardu in good spirits and with eager expectations for what awaits them on the road to K2 Base Camp. Here’s a rundown of everything that occurred leading up to their arrival in Skardu.

On 31 December, Apricot Tours announced that both Mingma G. and John Snorri would serve as team leaders for the K2 Winter 2020 Expedition. Minmga G. will continue to serve as the climbing leader.

UPDATE: Apricot Tours announced that a helivac was performed, evacuating all 5 members of the expedition. At this time, the expedition is over. 

From Islamabad to Skardu

On 03 Jan, the Apricot Tours officials met with the Liaison Officer (LO) and a series of team arrivals to Islamabad concluded on 04 Jan. John Snorri (Iceland) and Tomaz Rotar (Slovenia) arrived in Islamabad at 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM respectively.

John Snorri and Tomaz Rotar Meet in Islamabad

John Snorri and Tomaz Rotar Meet in Islamabad Credit: Apricot Tours.

Sherpas Tamting Sherpa, Pasang Namgel Sherpa, Kili Pempa Sherpa left for Kathmandu on the same day and arrived in Islamabad on 05 Jan. They were met by guide Sarbaz Khan and were united with Snorri and Rotar in the hotel.

Later, all five men gathered with the LO, Mr. Karrar from the Alpine Club of Pakistan, for an official briefing to discuss arrangements.

Apricot Tours LO Briefing K2 Winter 2020

Apricot Tours LO Briefing

K2 Winter 2020 Apricot Tours Group Photo With LO

Apricot Tours Group Photo With LO. Credit: Apricot Tours

The team was invited for dinner by other members of the mountaineering community and were surprised with a K2-themed cake afterward.

k2 winter expedition 2020

K2 Cake Given to Apricot Tours Team. Credit: ApricotTours.pk

Apricot Tours Team Arrives in Skardu

On 06 Jan, the five team members already in Islamabad and mountain guide Sarbaz Khan flew to Gilgit airport. They traveled from Gilgit to Skardu by road and arrived at their destination 16 hours later. Roadblocks and weather conditions turned an 8-hour trip into a 16-hour journey.

Upon arriving in Skardu, they were swiftly transferred to a hotel for some much-needed rest. The next day, the team was able to enjoy some R&R around Skardu and enjoy a meal together.

K2 Winter 2020 Apricot Tours team enjoying Skardu City

Apricot Tours team enjoying Skardu. Credit: Apricot Tours.

On 10 Jan, Mingma G, Gao Li and their Liaison Officer arrived in Skardu and joined the rest of the team. After a series of canceled flights due to weather, they decided to travel to Skardu via road and arrived late that evening.

k2 winter 2020 Mingma G, Gao Li and their Liaison Officer arrived in Skardu

Mingma G, Gao Li and their Liaison Officer arrive in Skardu. Credit: ApricotTours.pk

What’s Next for the Apricot Tours Team

Going forward, the team will have to travel to Askole to continue their journey toward to the summit of K2. As more media attention surrounds this possible record-breaking expedition, more photos of their travels will be available as well as more information about their sponsors.

You can also play a role in sponsoring this historic expedition by donating to the team’s GoFundMe page organized by team leader Mingma G. You can catch all of our Dispatches for this expedition here.

About the Apricot Tours K2 Winter 2020 Expedition

This year, Apricot Tours is attempting a winter summit of K2 consisting of seven climbers and led by Mingma Gyalje Sherpa of Nepal and John Snorri of Iceland. They will be climbing the Abruzzi Spur Route.

Apricot Tours K2 Winter 2020 Team Members

The team members are:

You can donate to their possible record-breaking expedition on the GoFundme page organized by Mingma G. Stay tuned to the developments on this expedition using the link below.

Dispatches Apricot Tours K2 Winter 2020.

About Apricot Tours

Apricot Tours Logo k2 winter 2020Apricot Tours operates in Northern Pakistan guiding tours, treks and expeditions. The company is equally involved in tourism-related activities throughout Pakistan.

Born in the northern areas of Pakistan and comprised of a diverse team from young minds to experienced team members, Apricot Tours understands the importance of plans/itineraries that are compatible with international routes for on-the-go travelers. Our experienced staff of porters, drivers, guides and event managers, is the best in realizing and responding to the needs of our guests for customized plans. (Government Licence: ID-2131)

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